A Smile a Day shines the JOY within


Have you seen the aura of a happy smiling person? It’s vibrant. It’s magical. It glows on their face like a sunshine shining it’s “wings” wide across. Wherever they go, they imprint a subtle magical touch. Their gratitude smile beams brightly and those who came in contact with them, smiles too. Those infectious smile is surprisingly lighten up your whole being.

I want you to SMILE your day today. Yes, that is the practice for today. Smile all day long. Everywhere and to Everyone – for no reason. Perhaps you’d want some reason, but you can still do it without any reason. Fake the grin till it becomes genuine – the moment you feel the genuine joy within. Notice how your mood begins to shift. You will feel lighter.


Remember, YOU MUST SMILE FROM YOUR HEART. Don’t worry if you don’t get it the first time. The more you practice them, the more of a habit it will become. Your genuine smile will become infectiously awesome and joyful.

Smile to yourself when you see your reflection in the mirror – OH MY, God has created a beautiful human, divinely and uniquely YOU. Say this out mentally or in your mind “I am happy. I am grateful for just being myself, just as I am now. Life showers me with more gratitude, love and joy now.”

Smile as you walk to your office or wherever you are heading today. Smile to your clouds and trees and sunshines. YES, there are yours too, blessed upon you. Smile for the vastness of the blessings in your life, as simple as the air you breathe, the smell of roses in your garden or the very existence of YOU.


Smile to everyone you see today. Smile to strangers. You will feel happier to have them smile back, as it may tickle your heart – this is JOY. You just shined your love and light on another being. Open up your heart a little bigger today, and bigger tomorrow. You made your DAY! (you don’t have to wait for a spark to “joy-you-up”) ; and guess what, you just made theirs!

When I practiced this, it was miraculous. I was literally starting a smiling epidemic – a joyful one!. Three ladies walked pass me, one by one, with slight distance gap. It was me practicing to smile to strangers. When the first two ladies passed me by, I noticed the tired frown-y on their faces, drained after a long exhausting day perhaps. I decided to smile to the third lady – a remarkable thing happened – she smiled back and her face glows instantly. She was on her frowns few minutes ago and it snapped off as quickly as she responded to my smile. It was so beautiful that I realized how powerful this act of smile can do to a person. It changed me ever since.

Tools : YOU and YOUR SMILE. Curve up your lips. Put on some smashing red lipstick if you want. Put on your SMILE.

SMILE every single day for the next 29 days of our journey. There’s no expiry for this awesome practice. It is lifetime guaranteed (wink).

[ Love & Light ]

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