Hi, I’m Prema Sunderam.

Welcome to my vortex of love and miracles.

I’m not an expert in anything, but I am an enthusiast of a bunch of things! I love inspiring people about miracles of life and my perspective about life and spirituality the way I know it and experienced it. My perspective of life has evolved beautifully ever since the remarkable shift in 2014 and I am starting to embrace the delicious path it has for me. It’s definitely a slow but deep radical ride of my life.

I gave birth to this inner child of mine quite recently but my journey to Love has started since I was a teen. I was not sure at the time the Love that I was after was a divine one. After so many ‘awakening experiences’, I was revealed that the Love that I seeked all this while was pure Universal Love.That is when I realised I found my Home. My resonance. My missing puzzle. I found my Life. One of my mentor (yes, I have plenty of them and I love them all) Rebecca Campbell (soul sister) mentioned in her book, Light is the new Black. about ‘nominative determinism’ – when people names fit their calling or purpose of life. My name Prema means Love. This, perhaps, is the calling of my life. She had since released her second book Rise Sister Rise and its just magical.

I started my journey into Yogi Bhajan's meditation(s) in 2014 through my remarkable online mentor, Gabrielle Bernstein, who had since introduced me to her Spirit Junkie Masterclass, May Cause Miracles, Miracles Now - I have proudly self-declared myself as a Spirit Junkie! Yogi Bhajan’s Meditations had showered me with its wonderful and profound change in every aspects of myself and my life - planning to embark deeper on them this year!


Being Light is the place for you to connect and learn more about the inner-you, love and light. As I myself have just started to embrace all the teachings, inspired by all my mentors and Universe (and inner-guidance); I shall share my love and light to you as well. I believe in  Angels, Unicorns and Ancestral Divine Beings. Their presence in my life was made clear to me, along with my Spirit Guides - divinely infusing their love and light into me.

I am a creative soul and a lightworker seeking inspirations all over and share them through my writings, blog posts, videos and illustrations. If you wish to connect with me more, you can subscribe to my vortex on this website or follow me in my Facebook page Being Light or your can even join me in my public Facebook Group May Cause Miracles Malaysia for tribe support. If you seeking quirkiness and creativity, hop along with me in Instagram or Pinterest or Twitter. Occasionally I will vlog in Youtube or do a quick Facebook Live in my vortex.

Perhaps my style of story telling connects with you in a unique way deeply- remember there is no such thing as coincidences - I am pretty sure our Souls made such a entwining and beautiful contact to have us met here and now as you are reading this. Everything is as it should be, perfectly divine.


 My upcoming illustrative children’s book “Happy” in still in its early boomer stage and I hope to birth them (with the blessings of my Unicorns) before end of this year - it's literally from a paper scratch drafts to a published illustrative book. The birthing process of every idea is truly remarkable and I am looking forward for it - all "hands" in them!

More updates on the progress stage of this remarkable inspiring book will be updated in my vortex - make sure you connect with me!

Join me along in this radical journey(of ours)!


Love & Light

Prema Sunderam

Lightworker, Love-Light-Inspirational Speaker, Spirit Junkie, Author, Illustrator and Miracle Worker.

Be the Love. Be the Light. Shine Bright. Be Awesome.

p.s Hey Unicorns! It's a one lady show over in here - sharing love & light in the best possible way - if you encountered grammar spoilers in my post- drop me a message at prema@beinglight.net and I will get it fixed. This is your vortex too, make it light up! L.ove & Light