and just like that

… and just like that,
I choose to fly away,
to fly away as far and as high as I carry myself to,
to be detached from the self that I think I am,
from the illusion that cocooned the being I am ought to be.

… and just like that,
I choose to crack open,
to shine the light within me,
to embrace the divinity residing within me,
and thus I am becoming the essence I am ought to be.

- Prema Sunderam @ Being Light

Every path we choose upon creates a momentum in our life. Every single nuances of our life experiences rippled its effect enfolding a new path ahead of us. Life isn't necessarily fated upon us for the moment you grasp upon the knowingness of what is, the way you embrace life changes, thus creating a whole new and entirely different path to cater the seeking of yours. This is as is, regardless who you are in your embodiment of your physical self.

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