Breath of Life


I’ve learned to breathe.

Yes, I have. I thought I was breathing normally all these years, but the real breathing comes from my soul. This I learned from all teachers in my life, the moment I stepped onto this beautiful spiritual path. Never have I felt so connected to my own inner guidance. Never have I become so much aware of my own presence in every moment of my life; and of my own existence in this life I live.

So much clarity it brought me to.

So much mindfulness it led me to.

So much of my authentic self it made me be.

So much of gratitude it made me feel.

From my own experience, this breathing technique itself is truly remarkable and quite powerful. As I go along by the day, the morning practice seems to heighten up my vibrations and I started to become more aware of my perceptions. This awareness made me feel grateful of everything that is in my life and surrounding me.

You will feel the changes within you the more you practice them. This practice is pretty deep and may require some willingness from you but I can assure you it will be so worth it! You will thank yourself even more everyday!

Tools : 5-10 minutes privacy (your zen space), comfy edge of the bed or couch if you intend to sit in a chair-sitting position (feet on floor) or a meditation pillow if you are sitting on the floor (like I do) , candles lit to energies the space (this is optional) and lots of love and light from the Universe.

The practice are as follows. I suggest you do this first before you head out to start your day in the morning, and you can repeat this at office (without the candles of course!) or whenever you feel overwhelmed or too much of stagnant energies all around your and when you think you want some clarity.


  • sit in a comfortable position.
  • rub your palms together, briskly (these opens up your heart chakra) ;
  • open them apart and close them again.
  • place your palms facing up on your knees. Spine straight. Neck locked to your spine. Sit on a pillow for ease your spine’s discomfort if your have any.
  • inhale deeply & slowly through your nose. Your stomach expands as you breathe the air into your body – do this intentionally.
  • hold it.
  • exhale slowly (releasing all the tensions along the way) through your mouth. Your stomach contracts (pulling it in) as you release the air out from your body.
  • you may count your breathing mentally.
  • do this breathing process (the whole set) several time (3-5 times to get the vibe in).
  • then just sit in stillness for 2-3 minutes.
  • your body will start to feel numb, do not be alarmed, this is a pretty normal process.
  • sit as you are – just concentrating on your breathing.
  • take your time to come out of this breathing practice – whenever you feel ready- ease your body, stretch a little, wiggle your fingers and toes, and then slowly get up. Do rush as you may feel a little giddy if you stood up fast.
  • THE END! You can miraculously start your day!

(Notice how you feel both within you (sensations & emotions) and around you (energies and vibes) – Do update me on this one! – I am totally excited for you LOVES!)

If you have never done meditations before – Congratulations! You just did you FIRST meditation! BRAVO! YOU ROCK BEAUTIFUL! There’s always something to learn in life. Never fear it. If your heart says YES, then GO FOR IT!

Tips & Tricks :  Thoughts will be constant at initial stage, don’t force yourself to not think thoughts, believe me when this will only bring more layers of mind chatters.  Whenever you become aware of you drifting into your thoughts, simply focus on your breathing. Itching, tingling sensations will occur when you start your meditations, you’ll feel like you’ll want to stop your meditations right away and attend to it – this is normal too, but do try to ignore them, they will go away as you practice. Do not move your body when you sit in stillness. Just feel the energy circulating around you. Practice always makes it perfect!

[ Love & Light ]

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