Count Your Miracles


This practice is probably the most powerful one used to bring in gratitude into our lives - Counting Miracles. It may sound simple but with the correct way, you are intentionally (and gracefully) invoking the vibrations of gratitude into your life; thus rocking your world with more magic!

Write down 5 lists that you are grateful for… every single day (YES you read that right). Start small at the beginning slowly accelerating to 10 lists per day. Try not to repeat the lists. The trick here is to encourage or motivate your mind to look further than the ones already in your list. Get creative. Expand your horizon.


Writing works better than saying it out in your mind. Why? That’s because our human mind have layers and layers of ever-swirling thoughts - it’s complicated to have gratitude lists recited mentally or verbally -unless you have a vivid imagination. Always keep things simple and simply enjoy the pleasure of writing (typing may work for some though). This way you don’t have to worry much on your sentence formations.

Start with what’s in your life, proceeding to what’s in you (your talents, your passions, etc), then your room, your house, ..go further - the outside world, nature and the very existence of you.

Start with a sentence “I am now happy and grateful that ….. because …..”

When you write the reason of your gratitude, you are actually bringing in the emotions of gratitude through the memories or flashbacks of your life moment. As you write the reason - remember to think how the person / situation makes you feel instead of them being awesome therefore you are happy - for some this can only lead to envious vibrations thus giving birth to jealousy. At times, your past “bad” relationships may have taught you to be the person you have always wanted to be and a streak of bad-hiccups may have forced you to take actions - leading you to be where you are now.

Example :

“I am grateful for Mark to have existed in my life because I now know how to be an independent person. Boldly leaving him was the best choice in my life and I am truly blessed to have this form of relationship to have me grow.”

Do this everyday, preferably in the morning once you wake up (wind up first, you can try 5-minute meditation), or before you go to sleep as you go through the miracles happened throughout your day; or you could do both to keep the momentum going. I usually keep this “magic” book beside my bed so that I remember it first thing to list down my miracles.

Once the lists are done, read them aloud and slowly, grasping the words while bringing back the memories. This way, you visualize the moment/ person of exact event , thus making you feel the emotions of gratitude. Feeling is pretty important in being grateful. Your inner guidance communicates with you with feelings of blissfulness, joy and love.


Another tool that may help with the gratitude's’ emotions - to feel joyful and happy is MUSIC. Turn on your inspirational music and start writing your list. I dont think Grudge and Punk Rock will help you raising the vibrations with gratitude. Listen to instrumental musics -the uniqueness of these music is that these will touch your heart and soul deeply. Dance a little - move your body. Feel the gratefulness,

Remember to write this down everyday for the next 30 days and you shall experience the MAGIC itsef.

Tools needed : an Awesome book / diary and a colorful pen (if you are a creative person and bored of the usual black and blue assembles).

I also have an unique 2015 planner which I have got from and they have the coolest design - vintage-y! The box columns is the ones I used to write everyday Miracle transpired in my life at the end of the day. I would have my few lists of miracles, and I will filter them in have just ONE miracle moment in my life.

[ Love & Light ]

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