Embracing the 5 Senses

“When you start using senses you’ve neglected, your reward is to see the world with completely fresh eyes.” ~ Barbara Sher

We, the beautiful unique species of our own - human beings, are gifted with multitude of senses. The 5 traditionally recognized senses are SIGHT, HEARING, TASTE, SMELL and TOUCH. How often in a day have you become aware of these 5 senses? We see beautiful things. We eat delicious food. We hear super rocking songs from our favorite musicians. We smell the scrumptious cake from across the street. We feel the soft silky skin of a baby. Yes, we do utilize these senses quite well in our everyday life but have you really become aware of those? Have you feel the feeling that goes along with these miraculous senses?

We are here now. Being present. Probably sitting or standing. Look around you. Now, really look around you. Not glimpses. No looking at the person in front of you or even beside you but look further. Really notice the sights around you.The variable people with their unique characteristics. Look at the oddest place or people that may have been overlooked - perhaps you’ll notice the stranger dazed over the confusion he had upon arriving in a new unfamiliar territory. Feel him. Feel his state of being. Look at the children playing. See them laugh. Feel their pure innocent joy. Look up now. To the bluest sky. Notice any birds flying? The luscious greenery swarming each other for comfort. Now hear them. The birds chirping far far away, The breezing music of the swarming branches and leaves. The children’s squeaky laughs. Hear the footsteps - Tappity-Tappity-Tap-Tap-Tap - people rushing to work or hear the blaring sound from the radio. The music of life. How does it make you feel? Breathe now. Taste the saliva in your tongue. How does it taste like? The bitter-sweet of the peppermint mouth freshener still lingering in the pores of your tongue. Perhaps you just had a delicious meal and the after-taste of the meal makes you plan for another round next week. How does it make you feel now? Breathe deeply now. What do you smell? Your floral or musky perfume that you’ve tapped on your nerve points before heading out today. Perhaps you smell the pungent odor that pricked into your nose, snapped your daze into alertness. How does it make you feel? Touch your pants now. Feel the textures of the fabric. How does it feel? Rough? Soft? Touch your skin. How does it make you feel?


We forget that each of the senses are to be embraced with feelings. Instead we rushed them over. The exhilaration of the experiences short-lived. When you incorporate your experiences by becoming aware of the senses and how it makes you feel, you become in tune with the energies of life. With the Universe.  With the Source of Creation. You become mindful. Be grateful that you have these experiences to be felt upon. Be grateful that you slowed down to really feel with your senses in each of the experiences being presented to you.

Tools : Go to a park or some place alone where you can practice with your senses - undisturbed. Get a light sandwich of any kind with a warm water - no need for a heavy meal for this practice. If you are at a beach - that’ll be super awesome!

Sit calmly. Take few deep breaths to calm you down and to clear your thoughts. I know it’s easy to dig your archived memories but try to set that aside and set an intention to be mindful and being present just for 30 minutes or an hour. Start by looking around. Do not judge anything or anyone. If it happened to came across - no worries - acknowledge it, set it aside and continue to look at your surrounding. Just look. Do not overthink of the mismatched colors, instead be in awe of it. Look at every details of the place you are at - notice the leaves,, the flowers, the people, the structure of the building, the colors, the emotions of people. How does all these sights makes you feel? Feel them. Do not rush with all the senses at once. Focus on one sense and practice it. Hear the sounds. The drizzles of water fountains. Hear the air breeze. Hear the footsteps. Then continue with smelling the air. Smell the sandwich you brought. Try to imagine of the smell and what it reminded you off. Perhaps there’s a fish pond nearby and you could smell the air filled with the strong smell of fishes. Feel the water textures. Let your fingers sway on the surface of the water. How does all these make you feel? Calmer? Grateful? Appreciative? Now have one bite of the sandwich - just one please! Chew them slowly, really slowly - feel how they roll in your tongue - taste and feel the variants of flavors and textures it has - sweet, milky, tangy, crunchy. How does it make you feel? Exhilarating? Soothing? Drink up your water and gargle - hear the sound, feel the movements in your mouth and spit them away. Eat another bite now while grasping the surrounding now - with your senses - but do them slowly and one at a time.

Way to go Love! You just practiced mindfulness and this is one type of meditations and it’s super awesome! It makes you be connected to your present moment - towards you and your surroundings.

Tools for second practice at home : Your awesome mind!

Before you head to sleep, do this quick practice with your mind. Visualize the sights you saw earlier, visualize the smell - YES, visualize them, then move on to visualizing the taste of the sandwich you had earlier today, visualize the sound your heard and visualize the touch sensation you felt. Now visualise you sitting at the same place as you were this morning while visualizing the senses you experienced earlier. How does it make you feel? Do you feel the same way you felt earlier today? If you do, congratulations! You just learned a tool for manifestation! Use this with your vision board and practice this tool everyday and MANIFEST your happiness!

[ Love & Light ]

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