Gifts of Life and Nature


I was gifted by the Universe in discovering Louie Schwartzberg 2 years ago in the TEDxTalk platform online. I was so immersed into his ‘Wings of Life’ creation – the time lapse photography of Nature during the first half of the TEDxTalk; but I melted towards another half for his Gratitude Project – ‘Moving Art’. Never have I seen such a video that impacted me so deeply till it brought tears. Even now. How much of the beauty of life have I missed? and missed again only to be reminded by this simple beautiful video. I was literally given the gifts of LIFE and NATURE and I didn’t even realize of its magnitude and the impact of it in my life, in our lives. I was mind-and-soul blown away.


I am now sharing with you of this beautiful gratitude miracle by Louie Schwartzberg. I take this privilege to honor his miraculous work for all of us.

Tools : High-Speed Internet, Personal Time-Out, Headset, Wide Screen (watch it in enlarged view), Comfy Couch.

I urge you to follow these practices given throughout the journey to see the miraculous changes in your LIFE. Remember, you owe this to yourself. Watch these 2 videos everyday.


Video : Moving Art by  Louie Schwartzberg. Listen to every word that is being said. Imprint it deep within you. Make it a mantra to listen to  it everyday, to remind you of the GIFTS blessed upon you. This could be your Lullaby for the beautiful night. Watch it before you sleep everyday and before you start your day, everyday. Watch it intently. ( )

Video : Wings of Life by  Louie Schwartzberg. We tend to forget the beautiful intricacy Nature gifts are as we live our life. This video will remind you just how mesmerizing and magical the Gifts of Nature are. ( )

[ Love & Light ]

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