The Work is Never about Me.

I set the motion.

In 2014, I woke up to a message the day before I enroll to my inspirational spiritual mentor, Gabby Bernstein’s online spiritual leadership course : Spirit Junkie Masterclass – Level 1. It was as if the Universe miraculously aligns the path for me the moment I decided to answer my calling. At first I thought the message was directed to me to initiate a to-do list which was more related to the technicalities of getting my story(s) heard. I was so overwhelmed with the setting-up-of-this-and-that and the doings-of-this-and-that – it may sound crazy but I was so wanting for this opportunity so long that it got me side-tracked. It was one of those woo woo moments that I missed the true essence-the one that connects to my heart. As the day goes by, I, being a little taken over by ego and fear, rushed into it. I didn’t think it through – I did but it was more from a perspective of “obligations” that needed it to be done instead of diving in with my heart and soul.

After a while, things got pretty stagnant (a week has gone by). I didn’t start the course as I wanted it to , THE course that I had wished since last year when Gabby first launched them in New York city. I dreamed of it. It became my mantra – to be a Spirit Junkie. I even wrote it down in my manifestation list. So, what went wrong?

I was wrong. I was so wrong. I’ve interpreted the “message” while sitting on the ego’s pillow hoping for a breakthrough in my life. The realization of it hit me straight into me tattooing itself into each of my cells. It was never about me. This realization came to me through Gabby’s Module 1 course in Spirit Junkie Masterclass. It was one of the Sutra and the first being taught “The work is never about Me”. This Sutra somehow sewn itself into me and penetrated deep into my heart. It became my mantra for my spiritual journey – right to this moment.

The more I sit on this “message” with the Sutra, a different sort of interpretation started to come in, with a deeper meaning. I felt a shift in me. I have been on this journey of divine love for years, but I was more or less being a person with a lot a fears, stained confidence level and a timid personality. Yes, all that being me, a wishy-washy me started sharing some posts to the social media hoping to inspire others as it did to me – in a subtle way. I realized now I had a lot more learning to be done, as a person embracing and accepting my own spiritual experiences as well sharing my love and light to others. Am I fearful on this? Yes I am. Perhaps a little now as the Sutra keeps on ‘telling’ me “girl, it’s not about you, it’s time to rise up and show up!” – this I felt as if Gabby was sitting in front of me and preaching her light to me. It must have been the Spirit Junkie course (haha!).

The interpretation of the “message” was more about an opening or a beginning. It was also a message for me to begin this spiritual journey. This spiritual journey is no longer about me but it was more of others. As I learn, I teach; and as I teach, I learn even more. This understanding of my very own being spiritually was lacking in me before. I was driven by my own enigma of life – standing with one feet on the ego’s plane. I was “brought” to myself, ignited with my own spark of light – I was reminded – I was made clear through this journey. I love that when Spiritual Teachers never pushes us into their beliefs – they merely opens the door for us to learn from our own spiritual experiences – just as Yogi Bhajan’s Sutras .

I learned to be more of me. Yes, I was inspired by Gabby Bernstein – in fact, she was the reason I started embracing my new motto in life few years ago – being a Spirit Junkie; and through her I learned a lot more about other spiritual leaders too. Gabby Bernstein rocked my disillusionment and brought me to clarity. A clarity which I was searching all my life. I am truly thankful to her.

YES, I have evolved since then - from many thought provoking books, talks of great Spiritual Leaders and my deepened connection with my intuitions - my Inner ~ing. The more I connect to the ~ing within me, the more clarity I am “seeing”. I am beginning to the signs everywhere. Sometimes all I have to do is ASK and somehow rather, the answer will be “shown” to me. Always remember everything that happened and those that did not made realised as what you would have wanted it, it did worked out beautifully - it’s divinely perfect.

These are two of the miraculous signs I received last year - I guess I was on the right track at the moment. Cloud Signs - Elephants.

All of us are born with our own divine guidance - be it your God, angels, spirit guides, Krishna (I adore Him!), Jesus, Allah, or even yourself - yes, your inner self - the soul that is residing within you - your ~ing. We can all connect to the true essence within us to shine bright.

LOVE, as cliche as it may be - hyper-commercialized over centuries of human kind - one tend to forget the real meaning of LOVE. We are so much cocooned to the teachings our parents taught us, which would have been taught by their parents, it’s being passed on generations by generations - though some may be beneficial to our existence but fear & ego based imprints in our lives made us less connected to the guidances that are readily accessible and awesomeness we are ought to be to shine bright.


Love and Light,
Prema Sunderam

Be the Love. Be the Light. Shine Bright. Be Awesome.