Lens of Love


Imagine if you could turn the world around you with a click of your thought. It is not impossible. Your mind is a powerful tool to change the way you see everything in your world. It could be your door for a happy, joyful,grateful or a meaningful life. As Gabby Bernstein mentioned in her book, May Cause Miracles,  "living with a miracle mindset”, you could simply live the life with the decision of choosing to see it differently - every single day, every single moment.

Today’s practice is simple, indeed it is, yet it’s quite liberating to know that you can actually choose the way you perceive life, or the situations in your life.  It is of your own decision with the willingness to see in a different “light”.

Tools : Your invisible love glasses (be it an awesome sparkling shade or a nerdy one) and your willingness (this is pretty crucial for this practice.)

Let us play a game now! Bring out your inner-child - have fun while you are at it. The moment you step out of the house, put on your invisible love glasses - you have to wear them with the intention of seeing or perceiving everything around you with love - willingly that is.


You can say out the intention a little louder to your self  : “I am willing to see life differently today, I am willing to see Love” (inspired by May Cause Miracles). 

So how do you really ‘see’ love? It’s simple - express your love to them, give them compliments, feel the gratitude of its being or existence - you don’t have to be loud but you can whisper or say it mentally. You can even bless them! Say “I love you”, “oh my god, that’s a lovely view”, “thank you for showing me the clarity of this situation” - you can even use the above intention throughout the day too. Notice the subtle shift in your perceptions. Notice the warmth in your heart - that is JOY, feel them. If you feel you want to hug someone, please go ahead and send the love!

Personal Experience : I felt the shift of perception during a situation which is out of my control. I felt angry, and if you know about Anger, you know it could be a pretty intense emotion - uncontrollable and very reactive. What I did next was I unconsciously put on my Love Lens and said to myself the intention repetitively. During this time, I just started applying the May Cause Miracles tools in my life. Then a miracle happened. My perception shifted. Just like that. As subtle as it has been, I felt it. It made me awed. I never knew a simple intention with a slight willingness from within me could actually change the way I perceive. I felt my heart mellowed as I began to see the overall situation in a different light. That’s one truly radical lens of love!

[ Love & Light ]

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