Life Happens for You


Perhaps the reason we are ought to be connected to our inner-ing (intuitions/ guidances/ GOD/ Source/ angels/ spirit guides whichever you choose to believe in) is to make us become aware of our life’s experiences. It’s like peeking through in a different lens , understanding the overall conceptualisation of such derivation of particular outburst of emotions or personalities or characterism of individuals (of our own as well as others) and how does it effect is in every angle of our own self.

We all have the tools within us to grasp this essence of awareness and having such awareness makes it easier for certain unbearable situations glides through us without impacting us in its entirety. We may just felt a brush of it.

Life is as it is and as it should be – divinely fabricated as per our soul’s contract. How we perceive life no matter what is being presented to us could make it a divine experience – one that imprinted beautifully into ourselves, making us who we are.

A dear friend advised me today – to be just myself (and not for anyone else or say) and if one day I wake up to change, then just be that. We own our life, we own what we have and all our experiences as well as the baggages, It made us who we are.

Love & Light – Prema Sunderam

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