Mirror Work

“Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who Is the Fairest of Them All”

A lot of the time, we ignore the reflection of ourselves in the mirror. As we rush the day, we doll up in front of the mirror hoping for a presentable look. If it’s a good hair day, it’ll probably make you smile. If there’s a zit on the tip of your nose, you’d probably wish you can hide yourself in the blanket instead of facing the world. A strand of white hair can be depressing for some. Some even ignore the person they are by not even bothering to look at the mirror as it makes them feel uncomfortable- this is for real. You irked at your own imperfections.

The moment you stepped out, you played the character you have imprinted in your mind, washed over by the judgmental perceptions others fed you with or of your own fears. You put up a show of being so happy of yourself taking halfheartedly the genuine compliments your friends gave you, while deep inside you wish you were the other person or have the features of the other person. Other person seems to be the candy to your eyes, but when it came to you, you lowered yourself. You deplete your own beauty.


You are all that you have got. Both inside and outside. Embrace the YOU that you tried to ignore. Embrace your imperfection as it made you more YOU. Accept it. Embrace your authenticity for being the true-from-heart you. Love every inch of the body you live in for it is the “vehicle” you have chosen to live this miraculous life. You need this acceptance of you and the love of yourself. Some of you unconsciously craved for it.


I want you to fall in love with yourself. Fall in love with yourself - every single day. Just as you fell in love with your partner, fall in love with you.

Tools : You and a mirror - large if you are at home and a pocket mirror for you to carry them around.

This practice is kind of awesome. Yet it can make some cry, smile and appreciate. Some may even find it hard to even start it. Do it anyway. Do it for you. It’ll ‘poke’ a hole in your heart so that you open up more to yourself and to love.

Step 1 : While looking at your reflection on the mirror, say the words ‘I Love You’. Say them loud. Look into your eyes, say ‘I love you deeply with all my heart”. Meant it. Feel the sentence seeps into your being. Cry if you have too, have a moment of self-reflection. Forgive yourself if you had been harsh to you - judging it and criticizing it. Say it out loud. As Louise Hay’s teaching says, talk to yourself while looking at your reflection in the mirror. Talk as if you are talking to your loved one - indeed you are. Give compliments to yourself as you would to your loved one. Chant it away mentally - this is you loving your innerself.

Step 2 : The next step can be difficult for some. Get naked. Yes, I did wrote that correctly. Get naked in front of the mirror. Look at your body, every inch of it, every imperfections of it and fall in love to them. Kiss them (if you can reach them). Appreciate them for reminding you of your own existence. Say ‘I love you’ to your body parts. Look at them in a loving eye, as you would look to a newborn baby or your loving partner.

Step 3 : Final step is to sit in front of the mirror and upon looking at your reflection and deep into your eyes, now close your eyes. Feel. Start feeling your body. No touching required here. Feel the air brushing your skin. Feel the sweat melting on your neck. Feel your heartbeat pumping rhythmically. Just sit there feeling everything about you. Now go deep within. Seek out to yourself. Have you kind to someone recently? Are you a person who smiles a lot as you know it’ll light them up. Are you working 3 jobs so that your kid can go to a better school? Thank yourself for whatever greatness you did. You did it from your heart with the presence of love and love alone. Be it as simple as teaching a kid to write or spending time to be help someone as it made feel good; to as awesome as it has been, like cherishing your drawing talents or your skills to multitask. Feel the thankfulness, gratitude and appreciations in your heart. Open your eyes looking at you and say the magic word : I LOVE YOU TOO.

WARNING : these may make you smile a lot. 

It may seem weird for some but this practice is powerful and impactful to your own being, as a person and as a soul. You will start to feel a sense of gratitude for being just you. As you practice this everyday, you will start to love yourself even more - and as you love yourself more, you’ll become the vessel over-pouring the energy of love to others.

[ Love & Light ]

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