Morning Pages

“The bedrock tool of a creative recovery is a daily practice called Morning Pages.” ~ Julia Cameron

The first thing that I learned in a course that I partake, Miracle Worker, is Julia Cameron’s practice called Morning Pages. I knew of the concept of conscious writing some time last year which is a stream of writing consciously of all the thoughts, emotions and desires being poured in on a paper. In a way, conscious writing is somehow similar to this practice called Morning Pages but the twist here is you have to write them in the morning upon waking - the first thing that should come to your mind.

I remember I had started to write when I was in high school. It was more of me rambling about my teenage life, vulnerable emotions that seems to have a roller coaster wheel set on it - it goes on forever, and about the crushes - in a diary which proceeded to 3 sets of thick treasures. I had to threw it away after being discovered by my sister and I became an object of ridicule. I stopped writing thereafter - I stopped pinning my thoughts and emotions in a diary and would rather keep them in me. I realized now while becoming in touch with myself more and more, I missed writing. I miss having to express myself more eloquently. Morning Pages provoked me to become the person I am, but forgotten over the years. It certainly brought me to an understanding of myself even more.

Tools : Awesome pen and an awesome diary or papers (of any size more than a small notepad- don’t be cheeky here love by tricking yourself to get a tiny pad - it would be a lot beneficial for practicing this practice in a notebook preferably if an A4 size paper is too long for you).


The rules for this practice is simple. Write, as in really writing using a pen and papers, anything that you want to write in 3 pages. This is to be done daily. No matter what pops in your mind, write them down - quotes you remembered, write them down; even if it’s your frustrations, write them down. DO NOT OVER-THINK. Just let it flow out from your mind. The magic of this practice is that you may strike an awesome idea along the way - not that I am saying you would tomorrow, but you will along the way. As you began to write, your subtle thoughts will start to flow in. These thoughts are of your inner guidances - it’s soft and easily-brushed of in a breeze of another logical thought - this is why you are writing the pages in the morning - to let your mind drifts onto the pages without the interference of the routines of life. Notice and become aware of these subtle thoughts - you might provoke surprising ideas.

So instead of diving into your newspaper - dive onto blank papers waiting for you to scribble on them. The good side of this Morning Pages is that it lets you declutter your mind before the start of an awesomely magical day. 

It may be difficult to start when you don’t know what to write about. You may even start “I don’t know what to write here but this is something may be beneficial for me in the future… perhaps I should just start writing alphabets or music or lyrics” …. yes, make magic with your morning pages!

[ Love & Light ]

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