Planting the seed of Gratitude


Gratitude is a powerful emotion that invokes higher vibration to those who incorporate them in their life. The  more grateful you are, the more moments of gratefulness (of same vibrations) will be given to you so that you can always be grateful. Gratitude can change life. Yes, it can. Gratitude is the seed that has to be planted in every single being so that it grows appreciatively and showers it’s gratitude-ness to others. This is the epidemic of Gratitude.

“Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot.” Hansa Proverb

How do you plant your seed? Be thankful. Be thankful all day long and every single moment. You are given plenty of opportunities to be thankful for. No, it does not take extra time for you to offer your appreciations to everything there is in your life. It will come naturally as you began to plant the gratitude seed in each one of them.

Tools : Your awareness to be thankful, as in finding of what you can be grateful for almost every single minute. Yeah, every - single- minute (wink). Oh I’m just kidding - but it does work!

Today’s practice is rather simple as I’d want to keep everything (or some) simple at some point of this journey. The simplicity of an act does not mean it’s lack-luster and uninteresting than it should be, but rather it’s of such act that made it much more convenient to be applied in everyday life - and seeing the miraculous changes around them.


Say Thank You to everything today (verbally or mentally). Be grateful of it. Find more of what you can be grateful for. Start with your morning Thank You. The moment you wake up, instead of going after your phone, sit for a moment and be grateful for today - You are still here (wherever you are), alive and well, ready for another adventure in life. Be thankful for that- Thank You. Thank your clean brush and minty toothpaste. Thank your delicious coffee that pumps you up - Thank You! Thank the rain in the morning - Thank you for blessing me with love reminding me to pause and be present instead of rushing the day! ; Thank the cab driver (remember to smile - that’s your prettiest make-up ever!); Thank the work place as you step into them as it provides you wonderful experiences; Thank the presence of wonderful friends and colleagues around you - Say Thank You to them for being there when you need them - Thank you Loves! 

Continue your Thank You throughout the day as you intentionally looking for appreciations in all things in life and of that life offers you…. right up to the moment you hit your bed for the swim into the slumber-land. Before you sleep, find the best moment of the day that you can be grateful for - feel them and say THANK YOU out loud - Congratulations! You’ve just awarded yourself with an awesome Gratitude Award! YEY!

The more you spend your day identifying things or moments to be grateful and thankful for, the less you spend time on negative thoughts that just worries you, puts you down or just depletes your vibrations.

I thank you for joining me in this journey. Thank You.

[ Love & Light ]

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