POV : True You

“Everything in the Universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.” – Rumi

When you think you know some things and it made you feel you have made a discovery or a self-realisation – perhaps not everything or even on its entirety, but based on your perceptions and experiences over the years of your growth being you as yourself as well as during the period of understanding and learning something new but it resonated highly to you and you just know it deep down, that’s exactly what made your heart tick in the right place – then know it’s authentically you. That is your voice of truth. It doesn’t matter when someone tries to question and contradict your beliefs, hopes, or authenticity, as they are purely expressing their views and beliefs by being on their own version of plane based on their own life experiences and perceptions – it’s not wrong for them to be who they are as their life made them who they are and how they perceive the world and even you.
However, if you start to doubt your own sense of belongings and your own truth for what the other person said of you in a judgemental way, then you are not being your true authentic version of you but a projection of them. Your version of truth may change over the course of multiple yet colorful life experiences through people that comes into your life as well events that takes place in your life – and it is purely based on your very own experiences and perceptions of everything there is and isn’t. It may enhance further of your existing truth, by amplifying more of its vibrations, or it may just shatter it downright to bits and pieces so you can alter your path and perceptions in your own term and create a new truth of you of that highly resonated to you. The true you is your various versions of your own beliefs and changes but right at that specific time, in any time, you are being your authentic true you. You are expressing your own truth and you would know this right when it made you feel them in your heart. It tickles you. It provokes you. It may even explode into star dusts.
Your truth and your true version of you is YOU being you expressing yourself while being on your plane of life experiences and perceptions and not on the projection of another. 
I came across this realisation after a recent event that altered the way I see myself – it changed my perception (this is what we called Miracle). I projected their version of judgement and perception of me on me and I began to to feel off-beat. Something about this didn’t feel like me, and like any other eureka moment of miracles, it hit me. Why am I questioning myself for just being me? Or did I just impose their projection on me and contemplating whether I should be them, and not the me I feel as me. Wouldn’t that contradict my own truth if I were to act and behave in such a way to please them in order to be accepted and be their version of normal? Where would the true me be? Do I really want to hide my true self into the shelf and keep it away – of that which will bring me closer to my own version of authenticity?
Think about it for a second. Why would I?
Love & Light  
Prema Sunderam @ Being Light

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