Upcoming Book in 2017


Magic happens when we are surrounded by happiness. Being human is not always a happy journey as this is the life we have written to experience. There will be moments of sadness or loneliness overridden with sudden surge of happiness and joy - there will be ups and downs in life, and you never hide from this beautiful ride - only the way we perceive it could determine the experience we wish to embrace at that moment. It's a practice to choose to be Happy every single day, every single moment- just as how you practice for your marathon, for your speech, and just as hoe you choose the clothes or the shoes to wear for the day and the meals you choose to satisfy your hunger.

Well children deserves such choices in life too. Just as us  - adults (though sometimes we are kids within). This Happy book inspires childrens to see life in a different perspective no matter where they are in life. Happy book was meant to teach children about life's rides and to make them aware that they have choices too - to choose happiness instead of sulking over broken toys or being on a hospital bed surrounded by worried parents, and riding in their emotions. They will learn to choose to see in a different perspective. This is the concept (idea) of the Happy book.

Happy is an illustrative children's book, authored and illustrated by myself - it's a journey that I choose to embark upon to imprint a light of me into the lives of these beautiful children.


Love & Light

Prema Sunderam

Be the Love. Be the Light. Shine Bright. Be Awesome.