POV : Dying to be Me – Anita Moorjani

I have had another revelation yesterday through Anita Moorjani’s video. I was going through her videos for some research I was doing but it ended up teaching me something that was floating in the abeyance above me. I mean I know it but it wasn’t until it was magnified to me that I really do understand what it means now. What I learned is an important revelation.
All of us lived in a life of expectations. We have been living through our parent’s expectations, family, friends, co-workers, our bosses, company, society – all of these expectations weaved within our growth and made us really forgot what and why we are here for. We might have tried to rebel it out at some point but then again the very thought of having what would other expect you to be provokes guilt and shame within you. Then you surrender it to the expectation of living within the air of expectancy as well as yours, expecting to be be accepted and acknowledged by others.
In a way, it actually means these makes you a people pleaser, a door mat or too much of a giver than a taker, never loved yourself truly instead making sure everyone’s’ needs and expectations are met. Doesn’t this reflect something? Where is the YOU, the real authentic you, in this picture? In this life? The very life you have chosen to be on this plane of earth.
“Your life is a gift. Love that gift.” – Anita Moorjani
The moment you fear life, you lost the essence of you. The moment you let other people to walk all over you, you lost the your ‘being’. The moment you live the life of others, based on their expectations as well as your expectations to be perfect that would have derived from the expectancy of others, you lost YOU.
Anita states in her book that her upbringings and thoughts and the way she has lived her life all these while brought her cancer – an incurable cancer. It almost took her life, but it gave her a second chance. If you think she had some sort of abuse that would have picked up those energy into her and perhaps that what made her sick at later stage in life (it is for most people) but with her, it’s never the case. She has good life, good childhood but she never lived on her own choices, based on love, but on the expectancy of others. I resonated with her. You probably resonated with her as well. I was in her shoe, truthfully I still am (this is my work in progress, as you).
She said the knowing she had on the other side of the realm made her truly know that heaven is nowhere but here. Heaven is the way we express ourselves with love by making choices out of love, because the GOD/Source/Creator has chosen you to live this life by the expression of true you. You are to allow yourself to be who you are without constantly judging, pleasing other people, shame, disappointment, and not loving yourself. By loving yourself, it doesn’t mean you are doing things out of fear, like eating healthy out of fear of falling sick, or dressing up so it makes you feel good enough to be accepted, by you as well as others.
Self love means, according to her, is realising that the essence of GOD/Source/Creator who is expressing itself from behind your eyes. It means you make choices from a place of love, not fear. We have been “giving” a lot to others, pleasing them, random act of kindness, yes- it does changes the vibrations higher, but what about you on the receiving end? The Law of Life will only work when the giving and receiving balances.
You’d probably say there is a balance in everything, as this is life and that’s how it’s supposed to be (sneaky expectation) but if the scale is lopsided, where is the balance?
I am not asking for the change to be done right this moment, turning everything you had upside down. If I do that, I’ll be draining my energy by worrying on the effects of my actions as this is not what it said it will be, I am a human afterall, not a saint nor creator who can magically sprinkle some magic dust and change everything as it should be. It doesn’t work like that. Do one random act of self love a time. See how it makes you feel. Never let others walk over you. If there is a need to be rebel, be a rebel in the place of love, your self love, and never be ashamed for doing it because that’s authentic you, outgrowing yourself from the expectations of others on you.
Love & Light
Prema Sunderam @ Being Light

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