POV : Grateful

Perhaps we should be grateful. Constantly. Every single day. Every single moment.

Perhaps it is not because we have food on our table or because we have roof above our head; or the clear eye sights we have, two¬†feet to walk around, ten fingers to function (all the normal human physicalities); or the bed to sleep on every night; or because we look perfectly normal in the eye of the society or even the internet; or blessed with jobs or having parents living with us or being able to work, even the fancy self or lifestyle so we can instagram it…. perhaps none of what we have, our possessions or fully formed human attributes, matters.

What we should be grateful for is for being alive. Alive for another day to experience life as it is and whatever that comes along in our path – no matter who and where you are. Grateful for expressing ourselves in the purest form of emotions – joy, creativity, or anger. Grateful to be able to serve or be of service for the greatest benefits of humanity. Grateful for each of experiences all relationships give- the good and the bad. Each served it’s purpose for you for the expansion of your experiences in this life you have chosen to live.

Being Alive. For another Day today.

See life as a blessing. Believe it is.

Love & Light
Prema Sunderam @ Being Light


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