POV : Be the Maestro of your own Music

Let Life be like Music @tumblr

Imagine now that you are the Maestro of your own orchestra, your life, and you need to make choices to set the right tune, right instruments, right musicians to create the desired rhythm for your life’s music. The choices you are making effects the music of your life, every little intricate movement and coordination needs to be taken into consideration to have the best designed-life-music, whether it is aligned to your highest good or not, you know this by the way it made you feel in your heart – not in your mind, but your heart- if you feel good when the music is being orchestrated, trust you are on the path you should be. Other people’s input and opinion and the naysayers will effect the designing of your music but the choice to whether have them in or not is only yours to make. It is okay if one musician missed a line during the live show, as at the end of the day, seeing the whole show in its entirety, you have presented a magnificent performance – your life.

Love & Light – Prema Sunderam

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