POV : Stop Resisting

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Stop Resisting. Allow it to flow and heal.

What you seek is seeking you. Regardless whether it is something you desire or resist. Know thyself first before starting to blame others for the outcome derived for any situations, especially the ones least favourable to your alignment. It’s not them, it is YOU. The moment you become aware of this, you will be in alignment with your highest good.

I know it is easy to pass on the “fault” to others as it makes you feel better, be the good one – but universal life that gravitates only with the energies (life force) one gives out. Only and only when you identify & heal the hidden energy (vibration) you give out that (kept on) attracting the people that triggers your discomfort, you will continuesly attract the same repetitiveness with different people in a different situation, at another different time of your life but the same (old) story. Avoiding will attract it also coz ignorance only makes the current healing process paused for another accumulated version in future.

Understand yourself first.

Being Light – Prema Sunderam

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