Random Act of Kindness

“Wherever there is a human in need, there is an opportunity for kindness and to make a difference.” -Kevin Heath

There’s a lot can be done in the world. More specifically - offering your kindness to others. This act itself is pretty much infectious. It’s an act that can cause an epidemic of followers waiting to trail-blaze. Why? Because it makes them feel good. It makes them feel worthy of their existence. It makes their heart swell with gratitude, joy and happiness for doing the most they can to and for others.

Sometimes there is no recognition needed. No acknowledgement is ever asked and insisted upon. It is being done with a heart of gratitude hoping to make miraculous changes in the world, starting from one person at a time. What started with one are being gifted to another, and to another. You are the initiator of this trail-of-kindness.

Tools : You and your random act of kindness.

Do a simple act of kindness today. You don’t have to be visible to the other person.  You don’t have see what’s ahead of the trail-of-kindness that you have just initiated but do trust that you have done your part and others will do the same. You can put a note or a message on a card :

“You dont have to thank me but do spread this random act of kindness unto others whenever you can.  Love, Universe”

Quite surprisingly this act of doing an or many act of kindness without letting them know of its do-er and without any expectation of any returns is liberating. It will make you feel so much gratitude as you have accomplished something remarkably wonderful and magical. Yes, you are the magician of kindness spreading your love and light unto others. This practice creates magic everywhere!


So, what can you do? Plenty! From just one simple as ‘getting a person in need some food’ to ‘paying for the person behind your drive-thru for who knows that they might need it more than you’ to ‘ helping the stranded person’ or ‘adapting some pets to give them a wonderful home’ to anything (kind) that you can think of. There’s an organization solely focuses on this practice - how awesome is that! - you can check for some of the ideas on their site : randomactsofkindness.org.

Have fun while you are at it !!!

[ Love & Light ]

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