Signs from Above

Miracles All Around Us

If these were to be written by the "me" of few years ago, I would have never posted this page or its contents fearing of being ridiculed and being tagged as weird or the person with hyper-active imaginations. If this was the "me" of few years ago, I would not have seen or noticed all these wonderful miracles all around me. Divinity (a.k.a. Universe) works in such a mysterious way (perhaps it's not at all afterall) - they work along with us, invisible but yet they are with us - all around for eternity. Many times, I had my own faith on Life scarred and yet many times it had healed me in a magical way - scrutinizing the doubts  that I have been instilling each time I face something unbearable or let the fear of mine be my guiding force. The first sign I started to visibly see is the clouds - it was a Poodle Cloud. How is that even possible? Yeah - a poodle? I took a photo of it and made a post on facebook poking fun at my very own my hyper-active imaginations. Little did I know, it was a beginning. A beginning of a wonderful magical journey of understanding myself and the unseen world around me.

There was a time, I had gone through a period in my life that I felt I needed some intervention and I know it has to change but I do not know how. I do not know how to ask. I guess it was a learning period for me but I was really down and just uttered "what should I do?". That's when I was intuitively "told" to look up and there is it - a word popped into my mind at the time - PRAY . The image was so vivid even when it was just a shadow reflection of the sun on the clouds underneath it. I saw a shadowy figure of a person kneeling down and praying. By the time it came to my senses to snap a photo of it, the Divinity decided to play with me by blowing the wind over the cloud image - I did managed to snap it photo (haha!). It was a message for me to start praying. Yes, I really need to do that. My ego decided to run the show on it's own with "i-can-manage-it" sort of attitude but i guess being human means being humble to a certain extend and compassionate all the time. I really needed to surrender my worries out there in the form of a prayer. I did exactly that.

These signs were captured with my mobile camera. Each time I would be intuitively "told"to look up to notice the signs and it was never a me searching for it. It will be shown - always, when the time is right for me. I had also snapped photos of the clouds when I somehow "felt" that I should and I will ; thereafter I will deciphering the clouds on what exactly it should be - and if I get lucky, I will see it.

Signs, are assurances, in a way for the answers or even guidances we seek in life. It may not be in the form of clouds but rather repetitive numbers like 444 or 1111 or 333 or even feathers or shiny coins etc. We just have to be aware of those signs - when we are being mindful (present) of our surroundings. We can even asked to be shown a specific sign and be aware of it as well.

I feel like a Joan of Arc right now (haha!) as in this page lies my version of "truth" that I wished to share to others. If you have had similar experiences with miraculous signs, do let me know!

Love & Light, Prema Sunderam 

All these images are my very own personal collections, and it is not to be used or taken without my permission.