Speak from your Heart


Have you noticed how your emotions instantly changes when you are upset or angry? Have you felt the turmoil of such emotions that rises up even more as you began to think (extracting from your archived database) of all the faults, mishaps or of similar incidents that made you feel the same way you are feeling now - only to give it a spark it needed to fire up. The whole energy within you and around you changes. The density of such stagnant energy makes your mind think irrationally - whatever words and expressions from you would be from the ‘heated up’ emotions you feel in your heart, and not (most of the time) from your logical mind.

Did you realized that it derives from your heart (the root of all emotions)  - that of which that triggers all that is in life? Be it happiness, joy, pain, anger, desire or even satisfaction. You feel drenched over the painful emotions you feel in your heart, the one that impact you most and only then your mind starts to work its engine. Let’s say your loved one talks to you. What was the instant reaction you feel? Joy in your heart. Yes, your joyous emotions. Let’s say a baby giggles at you and it will “melts” your heart instantaneously. That too comes from your heart - before the senses began to trigger the mind to flicker its cells to be reactive towards such emotions - identifying the cause, the effect, the variances or similarities of such emotions and situations or even of the subject that matters.

Your heart leads the way to your mind. Your heart carries the emotions that it needed to spice up your life. It makes you think in such a way aligns to a particular emotion. Your heart (emotions) radiates an energy to any given situations or topics you are in converse with or situated in. Your heart is a powerful tool in redirecting your life towards the path that aligns to your desires or callings in life. Even in experiencing the expansion of life itself.

Heart is what matters most. Heart is what makes you more YOU as a being connecting to others forming a wonderful relationships (of any). It is the one that connects you to your soul.

Well, we are going to make an interesting little practice today.

Tool : Visualizations and have FUN!

As we know our heart is a powerful energy radiator, now imagine how it will uplift our lives when we cultivate a practice with it into our daily routine - such as conversing. Yep, you are going to speak as if you are speaking from your heart. Imagine every words being uttered are from your heart. Imagine the light in your heart sparkles with joy and love and as you speak, you are releasing your high vibrational energies all around. Feel the words being said as if its your heart talking - with love, gratitude and joy. Feel them shine.

Apply this practice when you talking to your friends or colleagues, during a conference, to the waitress, to the stranger beside you while you are queuing up  - to everyone you meet today. Let’s not forget you - looking at the mirror, speak to yourself, speak from your heart - expressing how grateful you are being just as you are ought to be in this life, on this planet, with your life as it is. Be thankful and grateful for everything there is. Thank yourself sincerely from the bottom of your heart. Feel your heart shines a twinkle on your eyes.

[ Speak from your heart - with love and joy! ]

Have you seen a child radiates love and joy when he explains to his parents how he discovered his favorite toy in a shopping mall? Or a bride who glows when she is saying her vows to her love of her life? Or even the magical love a mommy’s simple “I love you” to her child while kissing a good night kiss on her baby’s forehead - ALL THAT is heart speaking. Feel the energy lightens you up as you converse from your heart. Feel how the energy emanates into the whole area you are in or around the topics you are holding on to. See how it brightens the vibe all around. Feel how it makes you feel.

Words that comes out radiating with love or happy emotions amplifies the energy of a particular conversation within you and surrounding you. Words spoken from heart is here to change the world - starting from you. Speak for your heart today - the choice is always yours - whether you would want to speak from the perspective and emotions of love or anger.

[ Love & Light ]

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