Story of your Life

Take me where the road leads me to, Take me where the heart craves more, Take me where journey of life begins to sparkle, Take me where I belong. ~ prema sunderam

Every one of us have a story to tell. It might be a simple story or it might be a remarkable story. Nevertheless we all have a story. The story of our life. I am not talking of the story of your friends or the animated story in the movies, I am talking about THE story of your life. Your miraculous yet magical life.

So, what is your story?

A lot of us get asked of a casual conversational starter, “Tell me about you”, and the moment you get hit with that question, you were put on a icy seat pondering a perfect yet acceptable answer for such a simple question. You might feel rather clueless. Your reply would normally be “Well, I am working here and here as that and this and I have been there for a couple of times but other than that, I don’t think there’s nothing more to it” or a “Oh, I am a simple person and I don’t really have anything to tell”. Well, I am here to tell you that YOU really have a biggest wonderful probably transformational story to tell.

[ Life is a journey and only you hold the map. ]

I asked a friend of mine recently, over a catch up, to tell me about herself. At first she was saying there’s nothing much to it and that she leads a simple normal dull life and there’s nothing fascinating in her life. As we spoke longer, her story began to blossom. In fact, she has a remarkably interesting story to tell. She was going on and on about her spiritualism (which she didn’t know she was one prior to this conversation) and her devoted love for animals. She lights up when she was telling her story, the story that can only be spoken from her heart, felt and cherished. I love her story. I love the moment she realized she indeed has a story to be shared. The story of her life.

Tools : Journal or a friend-in-need, perhaps you can record your progress here. For the mapping, get a pen and a paper ready.

Sit down with a friend or if you’d rather want to do this alone, have your pen and journal ready. Map out your life in a paper - from the age of 1 or the age you can remember that you are on earth (wink wink) until now. You can either draw a straight horizontal line with sub-vertical lines on it with your ages stated on the sub-lines; you can do “clouds” or “boxes” - whichever creative and most resonating to you. As for the gap of the ages, I’ll leave that to you but nothing more than 3 years gap. Now it’s time to dive into your archived memories - at each year, think of what you did or accomplish or made or discovered (either of you or something magical happened to you). Anything that sparks your heart. Anything that made you light up. Anything that puts the widest sweetest smile on your lips. Perhaps you won the first prize for an art competition in school and you’ve never won anything prior to that. You may have slipped and someone catches you just in the nick of time and guess what, you married him 3 years later.You would gotten a scholarship that you aimed for the longest time you can remember. While heading to an important meeting, you saw a helpless puppy by the road side and you helped him and 5 years long the line, you became an animal advocate. When you dig deeper at each of your age, you’ll notice that there are a lot of events took place in your life. Yes, there are bad incidents and yet there are good joyous ones. I want you to focus on the one that made you light up, that makes your heart do that “zippidy-zappidy” dance, that makes you smile even when you recall it now. Visualise your life stories as if you are watching a movie running on a film-roller.

If you are finding it difficult, try asking yourself of these questions :

What have you discovered?

Whom did you meet that made your heart go wild?

What were you doing during this time of your age? Anything that propelled you to a drastic change that is beneficial to you?

Notice your stories here, the memories that you recall back are close to your heart. We only remember of those that brushes our emotions. Our life, as we know it, gives us plenty of experiences. Some hurts us. Some rejoices us. Both are essential for your growth as a soul and understanding as a person. The expansiveness of these experiences makes your a step closer to a better understanding of yourself as person. As much we appreciate the existence of the Yin & Yang in our lives, for today’s practice, I want you to just focus on the stories of your life that makes you light up, be appreciative and feel magical.

You have a magical story of your own life to be shared. Do not let yourself forget the very existence of your life’s map that made you who and where you are now. Be grateful for all the stories that took place in your life. Be grateful for all the happiness and joy it gave you. All those stories carved itself onto you so you are manifested into the perfect being as you are now. Never forget your story.

So, tell me now, what is your story?

[ Love & Light ]

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