The Magic of Ho’ponopono


“Forgiveness is the spiritual liquid plumber that cleans up the clogs in your soul. When you forgive, your life will feel so light.” ~ Rev. Gaylon McDowell.

There is a prayer of forgiveness for everything there is in life. It works within your deep rooted self. It works like a magical tool to bring back your life perfectly aligned to the best possible spiritual person you can be. Yes, you will still be you, but your relationship with your soul would have been deepen. Your life may experience miracles. You may began to see life in a different perspective. You may experience changes in your life, subtly but consistently, with everyday practice. You may experience serendipity in life.

It is called Ho’ ponopono.

For those who never heard of it - it’s an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. You  can read of it more in  here and here . This practice also works a healing process from within you.

I would personally want you to give it try and see how it bring profound changes in your life. Start to become aware of things around you and notice the changes it brings. Even if you are skeptical about it, do give a try for few weeks and see what happens.

Tools :  Ho’ ponopono 4 steps and reminders on your phone or stick-on-note.

Recite this everyday, perhaps several times a day. Be aware of your surroundings. Be aware of your thoughts. Expect miracles!

I Love You.
I am Sorry.
Please Forgive Me.
Thank You.

Chant them away like a mantra. Let it seep and marinate into you. Chant it while looking your own reflection in the mirror. I incorporate them with my inspirational mentor, Louise Hay’s mantra too. Use them generously in your life. You will thank yourself for your willingness to have practiced them daily- making it a part of you.

“All is well.Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation (you can add something here if you wish), only good will come and I am safe. Thank you”

Feel every word uttered from your mouth like it is being spoken from your heart. Imagine them beaming love and light from your heart to the Universe.

Forgiveness is crucial in living a life of gratitude. You can’t mutter on old stagnant non-beneficial energies in you while wanting everything else to be happy or joyous. It will always be a continuous cycle but you can live them out with more love and light as you take hiccups as breeze that passes by.

Do the practice and let me know how it turns out for you! Love you!

[ Love & Light ]

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