The Reflection of You

We attract people who reminds us about us, our past and present self, perhaps the future us; who owns a little piece of our yearnings, who plays a momentum of our desires and who portrays our stubborn traits we never knew we reflect. Each of the individual souls crosses our path are those who gives us an understanding of our unknown self, the self that at times we forget it existed. It’s being shown or rather attracted to us to make us see what we needed to see at that moment of time.

Become aware of these reflective souls. Everyone who crosses our path are our reflections of our ego self as well as our inner self. Yes, even the angry boss is a reflection of you – the fear that you carry around as a backpack for eternity makes these souls be on your plane of existence. There are souls who lives your dreams, or rather overcomes the odds to live up to their dream – never be envy of them for they are there in your life to remind you that whatever that you think is impossible is after all possible. Be inspired of them and aspire to make yours a worthwhile experience in your life.

There are those who just get into your nerves. Bless them! If you look at them closely and intently, you will notice you were once them, perhaps still am unknowingly, reminding you to practice compassion and forgiveness (even to yourself).

Always remember the people in your lives are reflections of yourself. Notice those around you- the type of people and their traits. Understand them as you will understand yourself even more better. It’s an opportunity for you to be compassionate, forgiving and change when it no longer serves your soul. It doesn’t mean leave everyone and start anew- it may help but the real change is when you change yourself and the energy of your being. Change your innerself and start noticing the people you are attracting in your life. If you are still attracting people who pulls out that miserable trait from you, start asking yourself “what am I not seeing clearly here? How do i overcome this?” and ask for divine guidances to show you what you needed to do to enable to be on a higher plane of existence – high vibrations.

At times, miserable situations are being provoked to trigger your involvement in them – to act upon them. Revolutions doesn’t happen without a trigger point of lower vibrational situation that needed intervention from the conscious soul(s) to heal it.

Ponder within you. What you truly want (for the highest good of your soul and those around you) will be guided for you…. It’s as if the path was curated effortlessly for you.

Be the Love. Be the Light.
Shines Bright. Be Awesome.
Being Light – Prema Sunderam

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