The Ride

The Ride is Chosen. 

You have decided to check into this “Disneyland” and hop onto this ride for a particular period of time until you check out. While being on the ride, you will go through various stages of moments or experiences – joy as well as regret, at times even why you choose to get on this ride in the first place. Yet again once you check out, you would want to take another ride or something similar. Your soul knows a lot of things about life as a human but the knowing itself isn’t enough for it so it decided to experience it. It may choose an easy ride but having experienced many easy rides, it got bored and decided to hop onto a scary perhaps thrilling ride. The next time, it may choose to go slow. Each and everytime it gets on the ride, it resets so it can experience the ride in a complete absent-mindededness so it doesn’t compare with the previous ride and it gets to experience ride solely as is basis.

Someone told me that today which makes perfect sense to me and it’s a clear understanding of how life is portrayed in a soul level. It’s profound. I have learned something new today.

Love & Light
Prema Sunderam @ Being Light

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