The Soul Sings

Listen to the tune of a song. It may mesmerize you.
Listen to the heart of a song. It may sooth your heart.
Listen to the soul of the song. It may connect you to your own soul deep within.

Every song sung is a effect of the heart’s yearning to remember of its soul. To remember the soul true essence, one just have to sing their heart desire or just listen to a song that pulls you away from the chaos of life - even if it is just for a moment. It does take your breath away. Your many first loves.

Tools : Instrumental music or Nature’s music- anything without lyrics (for today’s practice) - piano, classical music, violin etc; and some privacy moment. 

Forget the lyrics. Yes, forget them. Focus on on rhythms. Focus on the tunes. Focus on the vibrations. Focus on the energy of the tunes. Listen calmly. Listen with your heart wide open. Listen with the yearning of your Soul to remember. Breathe as if you are releasing every ounce of stresses from your body. If you sing them, sing them away. If you play the instruments, play out your heart’s yearning.


Silent your thought and let your heart take over. Let your ears do its miraculous job to absorb all those vibrations into your being. Let it sunk into you. Let it marinate around you. Feel them. Devour the energetic aura it has to offer. Be the tunes. Dance if you are moved by it. Smile if you are touched by it.

You will begin to notice how your body reacts to the tunes of the song. You will begin to feel your heart rejoices along with it. Your smile shines the light even more brighter. Yes, this is your Soul singing. Find the right song that makes you be as such, find your soul’s song, find the song that connects your to your soul.


Sing aloud, hum, or whistle, as often as you can. Now feel your heart. Feel the joy and gratitude. Let it be of you - your true essence - Love.

Here are some of which I have been listening to lately. You can use these if these are your Soul’s songs :

Laysa by Anoushka Shankar

Anoushka Shankar - “Traveller” Live  /   Anoushka Shankar - Traveller

Me and My Cello - Happy Together (Turtles) - ThePianoGuys

The Cello Song - (Bach is back with 7 more cellos) - ThePianoGuys

[ Love & Light ]

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