We are in this Together


We are all here to experience the expansion of life. We choose our parents so we more-or-less be guided to the path we intended and experience the journey we have chosen to lead. We choose the sort of relationships to be in our chosen life so we more-or-less experience that beautiful phase of understanding of you and growth of you and your soul. All the people in your life are all connected soulfully divinely arranged and planned to cross the life you are in at a certain point of time with a certain duration of time.

Somehow rather in the subtlest way, even the person you bumped in a train is meant to be there, be it a passer-by or the cook who makes you your favorite dish – they all are connected to you soulfully, perhaps a glimpse of their presence made you light up soulfully. Your favorite cupcake made by an awesome chef whom you never met is chosen by you to be here so that you can experience the divinity of taste. The book that impacted you deeply by that author who lives across the continent is divinely assigned to make their presence known into your life.


There is an invisible divine thread that connects all of us. These connections are necessary in your life, gracefully entwined to your path and be a part or a touch in your journey. No relationship is unworthy. Yet you are not alone here as we are all in this together – this journey we called LIFE. Relationships makes the journey more enticing and magical. It made you be who you are now. It made you know yourself.

Let us appreciate all the relationships in your life. Be grateful for their  divine presence in your life.


Tools : Pen & letter if you prefer the old fashioned way or laptop/ PC for you to type in, and of course some moments of privacy.

The practice is write a letter to 1 person a day appreciating them and listing the things you are grateful about them and why and how it made you feel. You may want to have a moment here for a divine flashback and feel the gratitude in your heart. Play some music to tune into the feelings. Write a letter as if you are speaking from your heart. This imprints your energy on the letter (of any sort); so feel the love, joy and gratitude of them being in your life, and when the person reads them, they feel it too. You may choose whomever you want and let them know why you are grateful of them, what they made you become aware of or understand. Simply put – let them know why you are so divinely grateful for their “connection tied with that invisible thread” in your journey.

We call this a Gratitude Love Letter. Let the snail mailing or flash-emailing starts now!

[ Love & Light ]

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